How To Behave In Your Corporate Uniform

Two years ago I was lucky enough to work for a company where employees all wore a uniform every day. While it may sound crazy to call wearing the same thing every day lucky, there are many advantages when it comes to uniforms and corporate clothing.

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A very interesting thing happened about two weeks after I had been hired; a new rule was strictly enforced, stating that no one was allowed to smoke while in their uniform. The only time when smoking would be permitted was if you went somewhere where absolutely no one could see you. This just went to show how serious companies are becoming about projecting a wholesome and environmentally friendly image to the public.

It goes without saying that my fellow nicotine-dependant employees went to great lengths to get a cigarette in wherever they could; some even started complaining about the length of lunch hour as the walk to the nearest park, where they would sit behind a tree and smoke, was about ten minutes away.

Recognisability And Corporate Clothing

This was my first job where I got to learn about the responsibility that comes with wearing a uniform. Not only was it very hard to hide from your boss when you accidently went to the same super market, but it was also extremely hard to hide from clients. No more did it matter if a problem did not fall into your department, you still had to deal with the customer and search for the right employee to get the job done as the customers would just search for anyone in the right kind of clothes to help.

While this was sometimes extremely irritating, it also helped to create a sense of responsibility amongst all of the employees as we stopped seeing only certain parts of the company as our jobs, but got exposed to different departments and learned that lending a helping hand helps everyone in the end.

Leisure Time And Corporate Clothing

We all sometimes grab those moments of leisure during our working hours, where we surf the internet, chat on our phones or catch up on the office gossip with other employees. When you don’t have to wear corporate clothing in your company, you have the option to go outside and talk on your phone or to simply act like you are a customer in the company and not an employee when a real customer comes walking in (horrible I know!), but when you are wearing a uniform, you instantly feel compelled to put away your phone, jump off of your fellow employees desk and start flipping through files or close the Facebook application on your computer and start typing vigorously. Now while this may seem like a horrible fate for employees, it truly does increase productivity and is great for the boss!

Needless to say, wearing corporate clothing comes with a great responsibility and your employers will be very strict when it comes to enforcing the company rules.  The main aim of corporate clothing is for the company to project a professional image which would be pointless when employees do not display the appropriate behaviour. Simply put: wearing the uniform means you are an advertisement for your company; hopefully a good one.

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Different Forms of Branding

Marketing and advertising has turned into a significantly large industry and has created a whole field on its own. Marketing has become such a huge business and covers a wide scope of elements that would take pages and pages to discuss. Due to the complexities of marketing and advertising, there are various sub-sections that are important to understand. In this particular article we will focus on branding and what different forms of branding there are. There are essentially, on a very broad level, two main divisions of branding.

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Branding Type #1 – Personal Branding

If you think about it, you will begin to notice how much personal branding is employed in the business world. As the name implies, personal branding involves advertising certain products or services through the popularity of a certain individual. This usually is in the form of a personal endorsement or perhaps a known expert in the particular field. Think how often celebrities are used to advertise sports brand, hair products, fashion or cars to name but a few. Personal branding can be particularly affective when generated and promoted online. Imagine what a consumer would think before they consider trying your product or service? They want to know that they are receiving their money’s worth. That what you say about your product and service is in fact what they will get. The best way a customer can feel confident is by knowing that previous customers were satisfied and that the people they look up to in the industry can highly recommend it. A lot of these reviews and recommendations can be submitted online within various social media portals from blogs to websites, facebook and/or twitter. Also, due to the nature of online communication, such as with blogs, personalized branding can expand due to readers and customers willing to promote brands they believe to be high quality. The right personal branding can elicit confidence and surety for customers that they are indeed getting good quality. A through personal branding, customers may also feel patriotic encouraging them to further promote your product or service voluntarily.

Branding Type #2 – Internal Branding

When a business is created with its own mission and statement – it is the people employed that will be carry this through and across to the outside world. It is therefore important to consider their views and perspectives when it comes to branding your services or products. You want your employees to be proud, loyal and passionate about what your business is all about. However, this will only be achieved if they are included in the bricklaying of your business and this involves branding too. In order for your employees to feel patriotic and proud of the services or products they are promoting, it is essential to include their thoughts and opinions in the process. This will encourage your employees to feel included and part of the bigger picture. This will help to create a sense of unity and will enable them to work together as a team. Therefore, when it comes to your marketing campaign and branding strategy, it is always important to include internal branding as well.  The most solid form of marketing is to start with the heart of your business, including its ideas, values and people. This way your branding will have a solid foundation which elicits confidence in what it stands for and solid identity which will speak positively to potential customers and clients.

Understanding this broad differentiation within branding is prudent for any business to be aware of should they be embarking on a marketing campaign and branding strategy. For those who are starting their own business, this is very important to know. By understanding these different forms of branding, you will be able to choose which fits with your business the most. You should also consider whether or not your business will make use of online marketing opportunities. Online branding can be very effective due to the fast growing online community that opens many doors in terms of business marketing potential.

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Guidelines For Choosing A Corporate Uniform

When choosing a corporate clothing uniform for your employees  it is best to create an atmosphere of excitement and support towards the idea and to help them feel more comfortable and  see the advantages that a uniform will hold for the and the company. It is a great idea to incorporate your employees into the decision making process by listening to their opinions regarding the uniform and taking their expectations into account. Remember that they are the ones who will have to wear it every day and this will have a big impact on their attitudes towards their work. If you follow the right steps in incorporating a uniform it will greatly improve the climate, culture and productivity of your company.

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Here are some guidelines for choosing the right corporate clothing:

Take into account the different races, religions and beliefs that the people in your company have. Some women might be in favor of wearing pencil skirts, while others might find it offensive. It is important to remember that while something may seem completely acceptable to you, it may not be as acceptable to people who are of different religions or cultures. Make sure that your choice in uniforms will be respectful to all religions in your company as well as respectful to the different body types. Some women may not feel physically comfortable in wearing certain kinds of clothes as they may be slightly bigger. The uniform you choose for your employees are supposed to give them confidence and to help establish a professional image for your company. Therefore every employee will need to feel comfortable and confident when wearing their uniform.

A company uniform should not only create unity but most importantly it should create brand awareness. The design of your corporate clothing uniform should be eye catching and favorable; just as any product you promote would be. Make sure that the logo is clearly visible on the uniforms and that outsiders will be able to identify your company when they see someone walking around in your uniforms.

Even though it might be a bit more expensive it is very important to choose high quality fabrics. Your employees will have to wear these uniforms in different kinds of weather as well as circumstances and their comfort is important. It will also be less expensive if you choose high quality fabrics as regular replacement of uniforms will not be necessary.
When choosing a corporate uniform you need to consider every department in your company as each department is responsible for completing different tasks. A department whose main focus is on administration will have a different type of uniform then a department whose focus is on physical work. Even though the style of the uniforms may differ, the look still needs to be the same.

The same rules that you would apply to the marketing of a product or service in your company should be applied to the design and choice of a uniform as well. Make sure that the uniform will market your company and will create a professional image. Ensure the safety and comfort of your employees when designing the uniform, and remember that a happy employee is more likely to work harder.

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Branding Mistakes to Watch Out For

Starting up your own business is an exciting adventure but with obstacles along the way as life only knows how to do. As a business owner you will come across many problems that will need solving. However, why make it harder than necessary? Do your research and learn from other’s mistakes. When it comes specifically to branding your service or products, there are important considerations that need to be taken into account. Branding is the key element to successfully reaching out towards potential clients and customers. The right branding can propel your service or products forward to wonderful dizzying heights. At the same time however, many mistakes can be made that can cause your branding to be a liability rather than an asset. As branding is essential to the success of most businesses, it is important to be aware of what some of the most common mistakes other entrepreneurs have made in the past.

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Branding Mistakes #1 – Being to clever with your brand name

Getting those creative juices flowing can become fun and exciting. Aspiring to create a brand name like no other can cause us to make unwise decision however. Remember that simplicity is always best. You want to be able to reach out to your targeted audience with clarity so that they have no trouble understanding who and what you are all about.

Branding Mistakes #2 – Don’t brand empty words

Remember that as the owner of your start-up business, you are the head, the forefront and the center point of the business. Everything you do will reflects on the brand of your business. Be consistent with who you are, what you believe and how you want to treat your customers and conduct business. Not only do you want those good values to come through in your branding, but these values and beliefs need to be evident in how you conduct and carry out the functioning of your business.

Branding Mistake #3 – Inconsistent communication

Your branding and the way in which your communicate it to your potential customers needs to be consistent throughout. Your customers will only know, understand and recognize your brand if you stand by brand and keep it consistent no matter how you communicate or promote your business to the public, This consistency helps to elicit a sense of trust on your brand; trust in the quality, the service and the motto your business stands behind.

Branding Mistake #4 – Not researching your competition and niche in the marketplace

If you have a budget don’t try to take a shortcut and chance placing your product in the marketplace in the hopes that it will make an impact, without any prior market research. You will end up spending more time and money creating products that won’t sell in the market than if you were to do a little bit of market research in the first place. Research whether or not your product or service has a niche in the market – this research does not need to be expensive. Be creative in getting out there and assessing what the public wants. If you want to design and sell wooden toys for example, go to crèches, nurseries etc to find out how well your toys might do. Bring a prototype with you for example. Also, be savvy and knowledgeable about the competition you face. What is your edge compared to them? Focus your branding that highlights this edge and differentiates you from the rest.

These are just a few of the branding mistakes that start-up business can make. Remember to be as methodical in your groundwork as you can be. There is usually a downside to cutting corners and long-term benefits to laying the foundations of your business and branding strategy thoroughly and with care.

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Corporate Image And Hosting Events

A great way of showing what your company stands for, while at the same time promoting your brand name, is hosting a charity event. If you have corporate clothing designed for staff members to wear to this event, or promotional gifts to hand out during the function, you are sure to make a big success of both promoting awareness of a specific cause and promoting a greater awareness of your company!

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Decide On A Charity

Speak to employees and colleagues about a cause the company can support through hosting a social and fun event to raise awareness. One of your colleagues might have a loved one suffering from Breast Cancer, or your company might have lost a valuable worker as a result of someone’s drunk driving. Once you have decided on a charity or cause to support you can start organising the event.

Raising Awareness

Raise awareness by having corporate uniforms made for all staff members to wear on the special day of the event. The uniform should clearly state the cause you are supporting. Have your company name printed underneath the cause, as this will say something about your values and it will also serve as a reminder to people of your company’s name. It will also make all staff members feel part of a team and part of a valuable cause. You can even allow them to wear these shirts to work every Friday!

Lots of promotional goodies can be made for such a day: caps, T-shirts, mugs, pens, stationary or wristbands. It is especially promotional wristbands that have become very popular in raising awareness of various illnesses and causes. These silicone wristbands have become quite trendy, and if you have them made in the colours of your company with the cause embossed or printed on them, you are sure to be seen as a very hip and up-to-date business!

Benefits For Business

Although money will be spend for hosting a charity event or any other promotional function, it will be money invested in a good cause, and it will also be money invested in your company’s corporate image. By handing out promotional gifts, you are handing out something that is much more effective than handing out flyers. People will be wearing the T-shirts, writing with the pens they received or sporting their funky wristbands. It is thus not only the event that will be memorable, but the name of the company involved will always be associated with the specific cause or charity that was supported.

Having a little fun while hosting a social event, having some exiting corporate clothing printed for the whole staff and giving out promotional gifts sound like an exciting way to build a positive corporate image!

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Corporate Clothing Today

In a time where competition in the world of business is becoming more and more intense, corporate clothing plays a significant role in the marketing process. Corporate clothing, worn by all employees and preferably with a business’ logo embroidered on it, reflects the character and work ethics of a company.

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Reflection Of Company Standards

Clothing can tell us much about a person. It is thus important that a company makes sure that its employees are dressed well in clothes of excellent quality. Getting staff members a customised outfit will eliminate the possibility of people coming to work in clothes that are tattered and dirty.

The responsibility of the company is, of course, to make sure that the corporate clothing they choose for their employees is of a quality that will reflect the working standards of the specific business. Wearing smart corporate wear will earn a company respect: it will immediately tell people that you value neatness, quality and good end results.

Just think about meeting up with a lawyer… would you rather work with someone who is in his sweatpants, or with someone with a suit and tie and neatly combed hair? Appearance plays a very important role in convincing people of the type of service you will be providing them with. The extra money spent on professional looking corporate clothing will be money well invested. Adding your company logo to the corporate clothing will be another great investment in your advertising campaign.

Boosting Confidence

Not only does wearing corporate clothing enhance the positive image of a company, but it also boosts employees’ confidence. In some instances, workers cannot afford to buy formal or good quality clothes for work. If a company provides its workers with good quality wear for work, those who would not have been able to afford such clothes can now wear it with pride. Feeling more professional will most probably have a direct influence on the quality of work done by workers.

Whether wearing more informal corporate clothing such as customised T-shirts, or wearing suits in a formal working environment, feeling part of a team as a result of wearing corporate clothing will positively affect any worker’s self-perception!

Corporate Clothing: Some Warnings

Corporate clothing needs to be worn correctly. Make sure there is some sort of unity that accompanies workers’ dressing style: should hair be loose or tied up? Shirts tucked in or left out? And what about jewellery? How much accessories will be allowed? Keep in mind that employees’ appearance at work (and even outside work, when workers are wearing customised corporate clothing) can be seen as a reflection of a company’s work ethics.

In a cutthroat environment where various businesses compete against each other, corporate clothing can make all the difference. Not only does it boost the confidence of the workers, but it is also a strong statement of a business’ standards in delivering services!

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Promotional Items At Your Event

Promotional items at your event can play a major role in creating brand awareness and marketing your company. An example of promotional items that you can use would include things such as pens, lanyards, key rings and wristbands for events. The type of promotional item that you use would depend largely on the type of event, your target market and your budget. Once you have carefully considered and defined these factors, you can then look into the different promo items available.

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It is important to note that you should always try and pick promotional items that are of good quality. This is because promo material is a direct reflection of your company. People would naturally associate promotional items that are of good quality with a professional business that offers products and services that are of a good quality.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to using promotional items at your events. The biggest advantage that promotional items have over things such as flyers and brochures is that people are a lot more likely to hold onto and use promotional items. Flyers and brochures are usually thrown away quite soon after being received. Promotional items and especially useful ones are usually used quite regularly after being received.

This means that people will se e your branding on the promotional item quite often. This creates brand awareness and also keeps your branding fresh in the potential customers mind. There is then a much greater chance that they will use your services in the future when they need it.

The one down side to promotional items is that you can’t put a lot of information onto them. Flyers and brochures are a lot more informative when it comes to details regarding your company, services and contact details.

Choosing Promotional Items

The first thing that you should consider is the type of event and what promotional items would be appropriate. If it is an informal event with a younger crowd for example, then you can use branded lanyards or wristbands. If it is a more formal event with a more distinguished and professional target market then it may be a better idea to use items such as branded pens or laptop bags.

Once you have made a list of all the appropriate promotional items that you would like to use then you can consider your budget and which of those items you can afford to have. You can then contact different companies for quotes to have these products branded for you. It is always a good idea to get as many quotes as possible. You should also request a sample of the branding company’s previous work. This way you can compare different prices as well as the quality of the work.

It is important to note that the best deal is always the cheapest quote that you receive. The best deal would be the one that offers a good quality product at an affordable rate.

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Promotional Items And Tradeshows

Companies use promotional items at tradeshows to help market the company as well as create brand awareness. Tradeshows are also great ways of reaching a huge percentage of your target market. Promotional items that you can use include branded lanyards, pens, t-shirts and wristbands for events such as these. The type of promotional items that you do decide to use would depend largely on your target market, the type of company and what your budget is.

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It is very important to note that whatever promotional item you choose to use, you should always make sure that it is of high quality. This is because the promotional items that you distribute will be a direct reflection of your company. This means that potential customers will associate a good quality promotional item with a company that is professional and provides services that are of a high quality.

Distributing Promotional Items

Promotional items can only be effective if they are distributed effectively. You can hire promoters that will distribute your marketing material and promotional items at the tradeshow. This will also help attract people to your stall or stand at the tradeshow where you can then tell them all about your service offerings.

It is always a good idea to include some informational material when distributing promotional items. This is because promotional items are usually only large enough for your company’s name and logo. You can then include a flyer or brochure that tells potential customers about your business and any promotions you may be having.

What Promotional Items To Use And Where To Get Them

Once you have defined your target market and what your budget is, you can then start listing all the appropriate promotional items. For example, if your target market is young students then you can use promotional lanyards or wristbands. Once you know what types of promotional items you would like to use you can start contact suppliers.

You can easily find suppliers by using a good online search engine, your local Yellow Pages or by having a look through your local community newspaper. You should try contact as many as possible for a quote. You should also request a sample of their work. This way, you can compare the different prices as well as the quality of their work. You should also find things out such as how long they would take to produce an order and whether or not they deliver.

It is important to note that the best deal will not necessarily be the cheapest quote that you receive. The best deal would be the one that offers the highest level of quality at an affordable price. Remember that many suppliers are open to negotiating with companies. So if you feel the price is a bit too high then you should contact the supplier and see if they are willing to offer you a better rate. You can use some of your other cheaper quotes from their competitors to negotiate with them.

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Promotional Items And Corporate Events

Promotional Items can be used at corporate events for many different reasons. The purpose of the promotional items should be taken into account when deciding which item to use. You should also consider what type of corporate event it is. For example, branded lanyards or wristbands for events that are formal and professional would not be appropriate. It would be a better idea to use branded metal pens that are packaged professionally.

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Things To Consider

You should always determine exactly what your budget is for the promotional items before you even start to shop around for them. You should also clearly define the market that will be receiving the corporate gifts at the event. These details will help you decide which items are the most appropriate for the event while still being affordable.

You can then think about what the promotional will be used for. They can be used as appreciation gifts for employees. You can then use items such as branded corporate briefcases or laptop bags. This will make the employees feel like a valued part of the company and an employee who feels this way is a lot more likely to go the extra mile for the company and be more productive.

You can also invite important networking contact and prospective business partners. You could then use items such as branded desk accessories or golf bags. In this case, it would also be a good idea to make up a gift bag that also includes some information about the business, services offered and contact details.

Finding A Supplier

Once you know what your budget is as well as what type of promotional item you would like to have you can then start contacting different suppliers. Always try to contact as many suppliers as possible. You should ask them for a quote as well as a sample of their work. This way you can compare prices as well as the level of quality. You would then be able to negotiate with some of the suppliers for a better deal by telling them about a better quote that you received from one of their competitors.

The quality of the promotional items is of utmost importance. This is because it is a direct reflection of your business. People or guests will automatically associate the quality of the promotional item with that of your business or services and products. A good quality promotional item will give guests the impression that the company is professional and offers good quality good and services. A poor quality promotional item will be associated with an unprofessional and cheap company that offers services and products that are of poor quality.

This is why the best deal is not always the cheapest one. You should choose a deal that offers a high level of quality at an affordable rate. You should never sacrifice the quality of the product just because you can save a few extra Rand.

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Promo Material For Events

Deciding what promo material to use at events can be a very difficult task. You can use things such as printed material, lanyards, pens, gift packs or wristbands for events. There are many factors that should be taken into account before you decide which type of promo material you would like to use. This would include things such as the type of event you are having as well as what your budget is. These would be the two most important deciding factors. Once you have decided these two aspects then you can start looking at the different types of promo material that can fit in with your budget while still being appropriate for the type of event that you are having.

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Printed Promo Material

Printed promo material is usually the most popular type of promo material at an event. This is because it is easy to distribute and relatively cost effective to produce. There is one disadvantage to using printed promo material and that would be because people tend to throw this type of promo material away relatively soon after they receive it.

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Printed promo material would include items such as posters, flyers, banners, pamphlets, business cards and brochures. You can have these printed by a printing company or you can even print them yourself. It may work out more cost effective for you to print them yourself. You should always be sure that the quality of the printed material is very good or as high as possible. This is because any promo material is a reflection of your company.

Printed promo material is usually used at the more informal type of events. You can put up the posters and hand out flyers or brochures as people enter or leave the event. The more formal type of event would usually not use the printed promo material. If you would like to use it though, it would be a good idea to place some flyers and brochures in a gift bag along with another more appropriate promo gift. You can then place these gift bags at every place setting or simply hand it to guests as they enter or exit.

Other Promo Material

Other promo material such as wristbands, lanyards, pens and key rings can also be used at events. This type of promo material is more expensive than printed promo material. However, people are a lot more likely to keep these and use them regularly than they are to keep and look at flyers or brochures. This makes most companies feel that this type of promo material is more than worth the extra money spent.

It is important to note that it is usually best to choose useful inexpensive items to use as promo items. This is because the more people use the item, the more they would see your company’s branding and the more likely they are to use your services. If you choose an inexpensive item such as a pen to have branded then you can have more made for your budget.

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